You Can’t Have Prayer without Relationship

Photo by hoyasmeg in Flickr

One of the most important things I have learned as a parent is that as wonderful and necessary prayer is…it’s not enough.  You cannot have prayer without relationship.

Sometimes we rely so much on prayer that we neglect the relationship.  We decide to leave it all in God’s hands and kind of take a backdoor approach to our parenting.

In our surrendering to God, we sometimes also surrender the important role that we have yet to play as a mother.  It is our job to develop the
relationship.  While we may rely on God to see our children through situations, He cannot be in the flesh, walking with them and talking with them.

We are His hands and His feet.  We are an extension of His love.  And what we should be striving for on a daily basis is that our children see in us the reflection of Christ.  All of this cannot come through prayer…it only comes through relationship.


What do you think?

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