Cast Your Cares onto the Lord

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Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you… (Psalm 55:22)

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. (I Peter 5:7)

I have gone fishing just a couple of times in my life.  So I am definitely no expert.  But I do know that you have to cast your fishing line into the water.

Just as that fishing line is cast away from you, into the waters…so we must do with our cares and anxieties.  And if there is one area in a  mother’s life where this can become difficult it is with our children.

Just a couple of weeks ago when my 17-year-old son was preparing to leave for Haiti, I had asked the ladies on the steering committee of my church to pray.  I had a peace about the trip, in that I knew this was God’s plan for my son…but worries would continue to creep up.   I was encouraged and reminded by a couple of the ladies that it’s part of being a mother.

Those initial feelings of worry or concern are common to all mothers.  But there does come a point in which we have to cast them away…onto the Lord.

God is challenging me to focus on that “one” thing I am most concerned about when it comes to each of my three children…to cast it onto Him.
There are always those concerns that come up at different times in life but then we have those ones that can plague us for a long period of time.

Determine today to consider that one thing you need to cast onto the Lord when it comes to your child…then do it.


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