Praying with a Thankful Heart

Photo by Rachael Towne in Stockvault

The last few days I have been really zoning in on having a thankful heart.  Depending on the current circumstances of life, it doesn’t always come naturally.  Sometimes I have to really dig deep to draw it out.

When I was searching for some scripture verses on thankfulness, I came across one I have read many times before from Philippians 4:6 (ESV):  Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Despite the number of times I have read this verse, it was like for the first time it really jumped out at me.  This verse encompasses everything we need as a parent…not just to have a thankful heart but a reminder that we don’t have to be anxious about ANYTHING.  That we can present our prayers before God and trust He will take care of it.

How do we know?  Because it says “with thanksgiving.”  That means we don’t thank God AFTER the prayer has been answered.  It means that at the very moment we utter the prayer, we give thanks in advance for what He is going to do.

I don’t know about you…but that brings a sense of relief.  The answers won’t always come as soon as we want them.  So in the meantime we just thank Him, believing for the right outcome.

Whatever is heavy on your heart this day for your children, I pray you are able to present your prayers before God and do it with a thankful heart, trusting it will all work out according to His plan.

I pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving this week…and I encourage you to share with each of your children how thankful you are for their lives.


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