When You Feel Inadequate

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Do you ever feel inadequate as a mother?

Sometimes it is a feeling that strikes us only in certain moments.  I remember when my oldest son was a baby and the times he would be inconsolable.  Oh did I ever feel inadequate!

Moms can sometimes feel inadequate during certain seasons in parenting.  The challenges are overwhelming and you wonder if your decisions are the right ones.

It’s not always bad to feel inadequate.  Once you believe that you have this mothering thing down, that’s when life comes up and slams you.  Then where will you be?

For it is oftentimes in our moments of inadequacy that we realize all the more how much we need the Lord’s help…that we really can’t do this mothering thing on our own.

When we do that and we begin to surrender our inadequacies to God, He starts to equip us.  He gives us the words, the direction, the insight, the encouragement, whatever it is that you most need at that time.

As we learn to make this a daily practice, we begin to feel not adequate in our own right…but equipped through the Lord to be not the perfect mom, but the best mother we can be.


4 thoughts on “When You Feel Inadequate

  1. Its was only days ago when I was feeling somewhat inadequate, so I actually blogged questioning if I’m a good dad. Your blog makes me wonder if my wife ever feels inadequate as a mom, too. Its hard to imagine her feeling that way because my wife stays home with my kids, and I just assume that puts her at a huge advantage over a dad who only sees them for couple of hours before going off to bed.


    • Thanks for sharing! It’s interesting to hear that fathers struggle with this too. I can almost guarantee you that your wife sometimes feels inadequate. My children are all teens now but I was a stay-at-home mom and still felt that way at times. It would be a good conversation for you both to have.


    • Danika, that is the key…to not limit ourselves to our daily “devotional” time of prayer…but to connect with the Lord throughout the day. We can’t run on fumes but when we are seeking Him throughout the day, we are gassed up (so to speak). Thanks for sharing!


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