Is It News or Is It Truth?

Photo by quil in stock.xchng

Lysa TerKeurst is my favorite author.  She is the founder of the Proverbs 31 Ministry.  But lately she has been experiencing a health problem and in response to one of her blogs, a reader shared something pretty powerful.

She said, “Lysa, this is news.  This is not truth.”

You see, there is a difference between the two.  News is informational, based on whatever is at hand.  But truth goes beyond.

I have to tell you that this really hit home for me.  I have been the recipient of “news” this past week that made it feel like the rug was being pulled out from underneath me.  As a mother, this news pierced my heart.

If I hadn’t read this blog, I might have continued on with accepting that news as truth.  But I was able to see things in a new perspective.

We will receive all kinds of news throughout our lifetime.  When my 14 year old daughter was still in my womb, I received “news” that there might be a problem and we could always choose abortion if necessary.  But wasn’t truth.

That is just one example of nearly 18 years being a mother.  So when I was delivered news about one of my children last week, it threatened to become my truth.

I am beginning to see it differently.  It is not truth.  News can change at any time.  But truth remains forever.

Have you received any news lately that you need to see as truth?



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