Prayers That Let Go and Let God

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Those who are familiar with Proverbs 31 often reference verses 10-31, the Proverbs woman.  But there are 9 verses before that are on my mind this day.

You see, these were utterances, words expressed aloud by a king’s mother.  They were teachings that she wished to give to her son…words to live by.

As my firstborn graduates from high school this Thursday, I am praying some of these verses over him.  They pertain to so many areas that can impact a man’s life.

This mother talks to him about women and drinking.  Apparently these have been issues for all of time.

But she also detours from the wild way of living she hopes to see him avoid and talks about him being a man who speaks up.  She wants to see him speak up for those who cannot do so for themselves…those who are poor and in need.

It wasn’t just about avoiding those things that can drag him down the wrong path.  She also wanted him to understand that he has a voice in this world and he should use it.

When you are about to watch your first child venture into the world, there are many things that weigh heavily on your heart.  You hope that all the teachings, all the prayers have truly made a difference.

Years and years of praying seem to reach an end and yet a new beginning.  Prayers for a child will now turn into prayers for a man.

The heart of a mother desires to see good things for her children.  But it doesn’t end just because he is 18 years old.  It doesn’t end just because he will graduate high school.  It doesn’t end just because he will leave for the Air Force.

A whole new beginning of prayers awaits me as a mother.  While some may fear this time when their children leave the nest, I have a strange sense of relief…that I can actually let go and let God.

But that is really what God is asking of us no matter what season we are in as a mother.  Those prayers we utter are the way we let go and let God move in their lives.


3 thoughts on “Prayers That Let Go and Let God

  1. wow, congratz to you on such a huge milestone! You must be so proud getting him this far. I am sure you have given him all the BASIC wisdom and knowledge to let God in and to guide him. Again, congratulation 🙂


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