Out of the Overflow of the Heart…Your Mouth Speaks

Photo by s-a-m on Flickr

I have to tell you…I never wanted to be that mom.

The kind of mom who would say things like, “Enjoy them while you can.”  “Oh, you just wait until she becomes a teenager!”  “Buckle up for the ride; it’s going to get a little bumpy!”

I always viewed these statements in a negative light.  I wanted to enjoy every season of my children’s lives.  But then…it happened.

I reached that point where I had a 13, 15 and 18 year old.  And suddenly I was saying the very things I used to hate hearing.

Now I catch myself and I try to stop the words from coming out.  Because I recognize them as more than just words…I realize it is the overflow of my heart.

Matthew 15:18 says, “But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart.”

As a mom we can get sucked into the trap of speaking negatively, no matter what season we are in.  While it is true that some seasons in parenting might be more challenging than others, we have to recognize that it is less about that and more about the condition of our heart.

What are your words reflecting from your heart?  Are you speaking positive words that encourage or negative words that discourage?


2 thoughts on “Out of the Overflow of the Heart…Your Mouth Speaks

  1. Thank you for some clear illustrations of the problem with the tongue as it relates to mothers. We all have this problem but in different areas of life. I suppose that is why James said that if anyone does not stumble in speech, he/she is a perfect man/woman

    It just seems to easy to get sucked into the world’s phrases. Thank you for the post.


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