But for the Grace of God

Photo by levigruber in stock.xchng

We have all been reeling from the tragedy that took place last week when a crazed man entered a movie house in Colorado and opened fire. The loss of life and those who are suffering injuries is difficult enough without adding to it mommy guilt.

The internet and media has been all abuzz about the parents who allowed young children to attend the midnight premiere of a rated PG-13 movie.  Not only are some of these parents dealing with the death or injuries of their children, they are probably asking themselves, “What if?”  What if I hadn’t taken my child?

Do you not think they are already suffering from guilt?  Isn’t that what we tend to do as a mom?  Must we really as a society pile it on?  Even if you really do think their decision was a wrong one, can we not allow them the room to grieve?

But isn’t that how it always is?  We can be so quick to judge others.  We are so high and mighty that we declare, “Well I would never…” (you fill in the blank).

Let me tell you something…I used to be one of those parents.  I thought I would never do a lot of things.  But then I became a parent and after raising one to adulthood, I have learned quite a few things.

The biggest lesson?  Never say never.

It is easy to stand in judgment when you aren’t walking in that person’s shoes.  Life throws at you all kinds of curveballs and you never know which one you will get.

What happened last week is terrible.  But it could have happened anywhere.  We have no guarantees in life.

Let’s not add to the grief and sorrow these moms are already dealing with.  But for the grace of God go I.


What do you think?

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