Forcing Yourself to Mother

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Ever felt like you needed to force yourself to be a mother?  Maybe this is a foreign concept to you and if it is, I salute you.

There are times in a mom’s life when she literally has to drag herself out of bed and do the things that are expected…like take care of her family.  Honestly, that is what I have been battling for several days now.

While the reasons can vary—such as not getting enough sleep, having too much on your plate or trials in life—it can actually become difficult (or even a hassle) to be a mother to your children.  I have experienced this on occasion in the past 18 years of parenting.

Recently it has been the result of trying to adjust to a new season of life, with one of my children out of the home and the fact he’s in the military.  When I would rather do nothing else than sleep the day away or drown myself in mindless television, I have been forcing myself do those things I don’t want to.

Like washing clothes, planning meals (and actually cooking them) or taking my other two children where they need to be.  It feels like an effort and although I am not proud of the fact this is what it is, I know that eventually it will become natural again.

The key is to push through…to do it even though you don’t want to.  It is also to pray through…to ask God to give you the energy, strength and ability to do your job.

Have you ever gone through a period where you felt like you had to force being a mother?

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5 thoughts on “Forcing Yourself to Mother

  1. Stephanie, I have a friend, a single mom, who is constantly fighting suicidal thoughts everyday. She also has a disorder that prevents her from normal sometimes. Her argument is that her daughter is better off without her because she is such a ‘bad” mom. What do you do when your disorder prevents you from being the mom you want to be?


    • Oh, I sure hope she is getting medical care for this! There are very few times when a child is better off without their parent. When the parent can do something to change the circumstances, they should…like getting professional help, medication, etc.


      • She is getting several medical care for her issues and everyday is a struggle to survive 😦
        I hate to ask this, but when is it okay for a parent to give up her child?


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