When God Speaks

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Last December I began to ask God to give me a word or phrase for the New Year.  I wanted something that was personal for me.

During that month he gave it to me.  I had read a devotional inside my Bible that referenced a portion of scripture in Deuteronomy.  It was how we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and strength.

It then goes on to tell us that his commandments were to be taught to our children.  The devotional included some questions to reflect upon and as I was, one of the things I wrote down was that I needed to be intentional about impressing God’s Word on the heart of my children.

The word intentional stuck out to me like a sore thumb.  But I still wasn’t sure this was the word.

Immediately after this I picked up a book I was reading by Lysa TerKeurst.  I went to the place I left off and the very first sentence contained the word intentional.  That was my confirmation.

Quite honestly, I lost focus on that word as the year has gone on.  I was so excited about it in the beginning and then with time, it just began to fade from memory.

But last week it was reawakened.  I had received a letter from my son who is in basic training with the Air Force.  He had written about purchasing a camouflage Bible and how the very first page he opened to was Psalm 91.

He had just read a letter from me in which I quoted part of Psalm 91 and said that I was praying this passage over him.  He indicated in his letter it wasn’t coincidence.

It was then I remembered the word God had given me.


Why would God ask me to be intentional about something that I feel is a part of me anyway?  Well he knew last December what I would be facing in the year 2012.

And let me tell you, that intentional fits perfectly.  Our family went through some pretty difficult times with one of our children.  Boy did I have to be intentional.

He also knew I would not only see my firstborn leave our home but it would be with the military.  Never have I had to be more intentional in praying God’s Word over his life.

Did God speak a word to you this year?  Maybe he gave you a promise or directed you to a specific passage of scripture.  It could be he gave you a song to be your theme.

Don’t lose focus.  Don’t let it go.  When God speaks…he moves!

© 2012, Stephanie Romero


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