No Calling Is Unimportant

Photo by Matthew Routley in Flickr

In the midst of changing diapers, running kids to their activities, waiting up at night for your teenager to come home…or whatever it is that you do on a frequent basis; it can start to feel mundane.  It’s the same thing day after day.

You may start to wonder if there is something else out there for you.  As soon as your kids grow up, well then you are really going to start impacting this world.  Maybe you long to take a missions trip or to join a ministry that would take too much of your time right now.

In other words, it feels like what you are doing isn’t that important.  You may believe that the only way you can really feel as if you have contributed to this world is by saving a few souls.

Well let me tell you something…it begins at home.  If you are a mother, this is your calling.  And we know that no calling from God is unimportant.

You don’t have to go to another country to save a soul.  Your mission field starts in your home.

The problem is that too often we look at what we do as mothers as nothing more than our duty.  But you are meeting a need.  And isn’t that what Jesus was all about?

You have a critical task.  You are providing physical, emotional and spiritual training to your children.  That is a pretty tall order.  And since God has purposely placed those children in your lives, He has some expectations about how you will handle the job.

If you are so busy longing for another calling that you miss out on the joy and importance of the one at home, what good will you to be others?  If you can’t see the value in what you do as a mother, how will you ever be able to serve others?

Those children are your calling.  Now what will you do with it?

© 2012, Stephanie Romero


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