The Passing of Time

Photo by kiamedia in stock.xchng

Photo by kiamedia in stock.xchng

In my kitchen I have an erasable calendar.  I use a different color marker for every member of the family.  But if an event applies to several or all of us, it gets written in black.

I am pretty meticulous about keeping my calendar updated.  It helps me stay on track and everyone knows what is expected.

But this past week I didn’t erase each day as it went by.  It was as if by not erasing them, I could somehow make it as though time didn’t move.

With just 10 days to spend with my military son and not knowing when we will see him next (especially since his first duty station is Turkey), I wanted to treasure every MOMent with him.  But then I eventually realized that I couldn’t stop time from passing, simply by refusing to erase the days on my calendar.

Time keeps moving.  Sometimes it feels like a slow crawl and other times it’s more like warped speed.

It comes down to what we do with the time we have been given.  Looking back on this past year I have some regrets over this.  But then I also have things to celebrate.

One of the things that I do with each New Year is break out a brand new calendar.  This is where all of the events are written permanently and then each month I transfer that information onto my erasable calendar.

It feels surreal when I get to my children’s birthday months and I write in which one they are celebrating.  For this upcoming year I wrote in my oldest son’s 19th birthday, my youngest son’s 14th birthday and my daughter’s 16th birthday.

It catches my breath…when did that happen?

You might be writing in literally or in the back of your mind, your children’s birthdays.  Maybe your baby turns one or you are expecting a child in 2013.  It could be your child will turn 6 or 10 years old.

Whatever the age, remember that you have this one year to make the most of every MOMent you have.  What kind of a mom do you want to be?  What changes in this New Year do you want to make?  What things do you want to avoid regretting and in what ways would you like to celebrate?

Of course, as much as we may attempt to plan things, life takes place.  The unexpected happens—good and bad.  But we learn to roll with the punches, get up when knocked down and keep pressing on.

It may be all that we can expect of ourselves as moms.  However in the passing of time, it’s more than enough as long as we keep God at the center.

© 2012, Stephanie Romero


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