Caught In a Sin

Photo by arrowp in stock.xchng

Photo by arrowp in stock.xchng

Caught in a sin…that’s the situation I dealt with last week.  One of my children had broken my trust.  I went through a range of emotions—disappointment, anger and sadness.


Do you know how long I held this information inside before I actually dealt with it?  Nearly 24 hours.


There was a time when the “raging” mom inside of me would have confronted my child at first sight.  And it wouldn’t have been pretty.  I would have probably said things that shouldn’t be said.


Time has taught me that responding is so much better than reacting.  Do I always get this right?  No…but I’m learning.


So after mulling it over, praying and seeking God for direction, a moment arrived in which it seemed appropriate to deal with things.  My voice was calm, not shrill.  My words were measured, not haphazard.


Despite knowing what I knew, the goal was to get my child to confess.  I’ve learned that when I confront instead of communicate, it backs my children into a corner.  This usually results in adamant denials of any wrongdoing.


It didn’t take long before I received a confession, along with some additional information I hadn’t known.  My child was so baffled by the fact I had found out, it seemed said child thought it might as well all come out.


This presented yet another opportunity for me to lose it (with the additional information confessed).  But I remained calm…and let me assure you, this was not me—it was all God!


In the end, we had a lengthy conversation about the situation.  Because this wasn’t a repeat offense, I dispensed grace.  My child knew that trust would still need to be earned back.


What this all brought about was genuine repentance…not just “sorry” for the sake of being sorry or simply because my child had been caught.  It was heartfelt repentance.


I would love to tell you this is how I handle every situation with my children.  It isn’t.  But when I do, it inspires me to work at making it a habit.


© 2012, Stephanie Romero


2 thoughts on “Caught In a Sin

  1. Nice. Self control isn’t really “self” control, is it? It is exactly as you describe – allowing God to work within us before we respond. Thank you for sharing this and encouraging us today. Annie 🙂


    • I have never been a fan of “self-control.” I know there is nothing in me. I’m way too flawed! LOL Glad it could encourage you.


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