Don’t Freak Out!

Photo by ralaenin in stock.xchng

Photo by ralaenin in stock.xchng

At some point your children will either say (or think), “My mom or dad is going to FREAK OUT!”  I find it most annoying when I am being accused of this, and yet believe I am demonstrating a great deal of calmness.


Freaking out is something I used to do on a regular basis…and I do mean regular!  The littlest things would freak me out—a cup of spilled milk, a child who doesn’t listen the first time or sibling arguments.

It has taken YEARS of God’s work in me to calm the freak monster within.  Oh, but it can still wield its ugly head, believe me.


The problem with freaking out is that it puts up a wall between you and your child.  While it may not seem like a big deal when they are younger, when they get older this is the last thing you want in your relationship—walls that have been built on mom or dad freaking out.


It prevents children from feeling comfortable about sharing things.  They are too worried about the kneejerk reaction that might come from us.


It can also be confusing when one week we freak out about something and the next it isn’t a big deal.  At one time my emotions were like a rollercoaster.  You never knew if mom was going up or going down.


There was a lot of inconsistency in my parenting.  Wait a minute, who am I kidding…this is still a struggle for me!  But there has been definite improvement and so I am going to focus on that.


Maybe this needs to be a goal in your life, to not freak out.  It could be learning to not freak out about the little things or learning to not freak out on a frequent basis.


I don’t have a formula for overcoming this.  I believe it comes with time, maturity and more of Jesus within.  But I do know this, it can be overcome.


© 2012, Stephanie Romero


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