It’s the Little Things

Photo by smile4camera in Flickr

Photo by smile4camera in Flickr

Sometimes we moms don’t realize the value in some of the seemingly small stuff we do.  I was made aware of this last week when my husband picked the kids up from school.

I had been trying to rest, after a flare-up of costochondritis struck me.  Without giving a detailed medical explanation, it is basically inflammation in the chest wall.  It feels like you are having an ongoing heart attack (and when I say ongoing, I mean lasting several days).

Just as they were walking in the door, I happened to be on the phone downstairs with my mom.  So I continued my conversation.

A few seconds later my 15-year-old daughter comes downstairs, flings open my door and says, “Well hello, nice of you to greet your kids!”  I interrupted the conversation with my mom to say hi.

It’s kind of funny because I never thought much about those greetings.  Whenever my children walk in the door, from anything, I am there to meet them.

But I usually don’t get much of a response when I ask about things.  The typical teenage grunting noises or one word answers.

Would never have thought it would bother my teens to not receive that greeting.  But it shows that the little things really do make a difference.

These small deposits that we make in our children’s lives (whatever they may be), add up.  It’s so easy to focus on the bigger things that happen in parenting.  But the day-to-day living, the moments that appear to be insignificant really do have value and meaning.

Even the most beautiful painting starts with a few small strokes here and there.  But added up, they go on to create something of great worth.

© 2012, Stephanie Romero


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