A Follow-Up to “A Mother’s Denial”

I feel it necessary to write this follow-up blog to my last post, “A Mother’s Denial.”   Actually, a part of me wanted to delete it.  But then it would be an attempt to deny what was in my heart.

Right or wrong, sometimes the things I feel turn into words.  Yet I won’t always get it right.

Since that post, I have read some additional things about the mother of the Boston bombers.  Apparently she was also listed in a U.S. terrorist database.

My intent was never to offend anyone.  Nor was it to downplay those tragic events.  And it was certainly never meant as an excuse for the mother.

There was just something inside of me that was feeling a mother’s pain.  It could be any mother whose child has made a terrible decision…a drunk driver who kills an innocent person, an angry spouse who responds with violence, a mass murderer.  There are (usually) mothers behind the scenes…left to try and comprehend what could have spurred such terrible actions.

These mothers are oftentimes the forgotten.  So my attempt at trying to understand their pain might not have come out at the right time…not having enough information.

I still believe it’s something to think about.  To not be so quick to judge a mother when her child has done the wrong thing.  Food for thought.




What do you think?

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