The Simple Act of Motherhood

Photo by mvictor in morgueFile

Photo by mvictor in morgueFile

It’s one of the most glamour-less jobs a woman can have—being a mother.  We typically don’t receive accolades, promotions or applause.  Most days are uneventful, perhaps even mundane and repetitious.  It can sometimes feel like all you’re doing is going through the motions.

About the only time some of us feel good about being a mom is when we have something to brag about on Facebook.  Our child made the honor roll, little Johnny finally went number two in the potty or our teenager landed the perfect job.

But here’s the thing about being a mom.  It’s one of the most rewarding jobs a woman can have and it’s not because of all the “grand” moments we experience with them.  The rewards actually come in the most ordinary, insignificant moments of life.  Those times that aren’t placed into a scrapbook, posted on Facebook or tweeted about on Twitter.

It is the simple act of bandaging a scraped knee, holding a feverish baby, reading a book together, tucking a child in at night or listening to your teen’s favorite song.  It is being there—as a listening ear, a prayer warrior or even as a target when your child is in a bad mood.

I’ll never be paid for being a mom—nor would I want to—because where would the motivation be to give of yourself sacrificially?  But no amount of money could ever be enough anyway.  Being a mom is priceless.

It’s filled with moments of pure joy, contentment, laughter and pride.  But it also has its moments of disappointment, tears, sorrow and frustration.

And unlike the milk in my refrigerator, it has no expiration date.  It’s a role that never stops—whether you have a newborn or you are now a grandmother.

It’s a role to be celebrated—not because of what it gives to us—but for what we are able to offer through it.  Don’t focus only on the successes or what the world may view as worthy of attention.  Because the real gems are found in the simplest, purest and most secretive moments of motherhood.

© 2013, Stephanie Romero


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