God Doesn’t See Mistakes

Credit:  Studio Cl Art in Photl.com

Credit: Studio Cl Art in Photl.com

Sometimes I get the sense that people might think I’ve somehow conquered parenting—that because I write about it, I’ve managed to master this fine art.  Please, let me assure you…I haven’t.  You can ask my children.  They would probably be happy to set the record straight.

Let me give you some background.  I originally started writing “Mom Moments” through a yahoo group.  But in January 2009, I switched to Word Press, with my first blog Joys and Sorrows posted in February of that year.

This year “Mom Moments” became “Treasuring MOMents” because it was the first time a child had left the nest and I came to truly realize how every moment as a parent should be treasured.  I write about parenting not because I have all the answers or because I do it right.  I write on this topic because I am passionate about it.

My childhood (as I’m sure is true for many of my readers) wasn’t the most ideal.  It had challenges that no child should ever have to live through.  And so when I first became a mom, I found that no matter how much I wanted to parent differently—I was starting to fall into a dangerous trap.

Part of the problem was that I believed it couldn’t be stopped.  My upbringing had already determined my destiny as a parent.  That was a lie from the pit of hell.  But it took me several years before I realized that.

I am by no means a perfect parent.  I mess up.  I make wrong decisions.  I sometimes yell and lose it over the smallest thing.  I make promises I don’t keep.  I’m many times short on patience.  And as you recently learned, I even forget my children.

But…I’ve learned something very important.  All the ways that I may view my mistakes as a means to ruin my children…God sees something totally different.  He sees restoration and redemption.

This has been one of the most freeing things that God has shown me.  It took a long, long time for that truth to get into my heart.  But with the chains of shame, guilt and regret no longer upon me—I am free to raise my children in the way Christ would have me.

The key has been grace.  They see it lived out.  My children recognize I’m not perfect but they’ve never doubted my intentions or my love for them.  I’ve enjoyed the gift of grace given to me by God but I’ve also given that same gift to them.

For too many years I saw only the bad in me as a mom.  Now I see the good—not because I am good, but because GOD IS GOOD!

© 2013, Stephanie Romero


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