Uncaptured Moments

Photo by desi.italy in Flickr

Photo by desi.italy in Flickr

When my children were younger, I was an avid scrapbooker.  I loved taking the memories I had captured and creating unique layouts.  Stickers, embellishments and colorful designs filled the pages.

These were the moments I wanted to treasure forever.  While I may not scrapbook anymore, a lot of my most important moments are put on Facebook.  Homecoming pictures, family celebrations, awards, vacations and other fun times.

Yet how many moments of life aren’t captured in a beautiful scrapbook or shared on social media?  These are the times in life we don’t want others to know about—let alone face ourselves.

These are the uncaptured moments.

When we messed up big time as a parent.  When a child made a costly decision.  When the stress of life caused strife in the home.  When we wondered if we would ever make it out of the difficult circumstances we were in.  When it felt like our entire world was crashing in around us.

Yet, so often it’s in those times where we have grown more as a parent and a family.  When the persona that we’ve tried to emulate to others, the look of perfection, the mask that has covered the icky parts of life has actually created some of the best moments.

Although we always hold dear to our hearts those “capturable” moments, the ones we freely share…what tends to stand out most are the difficult times.  Because it’s in those moments we grow closer to God.  We find ourselves leaning more on Him than ever before and we realize how desperately we need Him.

Uncaptured moments to the world.  But stamped on our hearts forever.

© 2013, Stephanie Romero


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