A Mother’s Love

mothers-dayEvery single time I brought home one of my children from the hospital, I felt completely incapable.  I didn’t have a clue what to do.  Experience didn’t seem to matter.  Because with each child came new challenges.

At times I didn’t know what to do when my baby was crying, inconsolable.  I didn’t always know how to handle yet another argument between siblings.  I wasn’t always sure about my discipline techniques.  These past 20 years of mothering have been filled with a lot of “I don’t knows.”

At times I was scared as a mom because of all the uncertainties.  But I always drew from a force much stronger than my fears—my love for them.  Love that’s greater than the guilt and accusations that have at times plagued me.

A love that prays through the challenges.  A love that sees beyond the messy moments.   A love that treasures the simplest of times.  A love that recognizes the things I do right.

If my children only knew the fears I’ve wrestled with.  I’m sure they think that I think I know what I’m doing at all times.  That I never doubt for one second every decision I’ve made as a parent.  That I don’t regret or look back and wish that something had been different.

So today, this Mother’s Day, I admit to them—to the world—that I’ve never once thought I was supermom.  I’ve never trusted fully in my abilities.  But…I do think I have a whole lot of super love.  And although I don’t trust in my abilities, I do trust in the love that’s in my heart.  Because it’s a love that comes from God.

I can’t do this on my own.  I need divine help.

I haven’t always done it right.  I won’t always do it right.  But the one thing my children can always, always count on is a love for them that no other human being on this earth will ever feel for them.

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” —Robert Browning

© 2014, Stephanie Romero


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