What Your Child Needs

17.mothers-day-vectorsAt times it’s hard to know what our child needs.  It could be a baby who has been fed, burped, changed and rocked.  But still she cries.  It might be a child who has a room filled with toys and a backyard to explore.  But still he complains there’s nothing to do.  It might be a teenager surrounded by good friends and supportive parents.  But still she draws inward.

Sometimes out of frustration I’ll throw my hands up in the air and say, “Well then I guess I can’t help you.”  And even though it appears that I’m angry at my child, I’m really angry at myself.  Because the truth is that my inability to meet a need causes me to feel like a failure.

But is it really necessary to meet our child’s every need?  Isn’t a little discomfort okay?  Isn’t disappointment a part of life?  And what’s so wrong with not having all the answers?

What is it that our child really needs?   While I can’t meet every one of them, some are more important to strive for than others.

A child needs…

  •  Hope…in a world filled with uncertainty and despair
  • Patience…in a touchy world that’s so on edge
  • Kindness…in a world where people so easily hurt one another
  • Peace…in a world marked by division and strife
  • Relationship…in a world that is so disconnected from one another
  • Compassion…in a world that judges and condemns

I’m learning that some needs I will never be able to meet.  In fact, those are probably supposed to be filled by God anyway—so it’s best I move aside.  But there are other needs that I most certainly can meet.  Those are the ones I will strive for today and every day.

© 2014, Stephanie Romero




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