Special Announcement (New Look and New Blog!)

TempIn my last blog, “Faith Testers,” I mentioned having uncertainty with the direction of my writing.  I’ve been slow to make a move because I wanted to be absolutely certain about what God would have me do.  

After much thought and prayer, I’ve decided to keep this blog going.  In fact, Treasuring Moments now has a new look.  There are so many topics I have yet to share—keeping with my original goal to inspire other moms and dads (yes, I even have a few dads who also follow this blog!) to treasure every moment with their children. 

But in light of some recent events that occurred in our family, I’ve decided to start a brand new blog called Keeping It Real Mama.  Although I haven’t posted anything yet, I do encourage you to check out my “Something About This Real Mama” to learn more about what you can expect from this blog.  You can even subscribe right away.  My first post will debut on Monday, September 1st and here’s a little teaser…it’s called “The Two Words That Changed Everything.”  One of the conditions I had about creating this new blog and getting more into the story of what happened to our family, was receiving permission from my daughter.  Even though most of you don’t know her and will probably never meet her, it was important that I have it.  Of course, there are some who do and I just have to trust they will walk in God’s grace.

And if you can’t get enough of me when I post every Monday from Keeping It Real Mama (remember, starting September 1st) and every Wednesday from Treasuring Moments, you might also enjoy The Real Writer (providing real inspiration for both aspiring and professional writers), which comes out every Friday.  As always, please feel free to share this blog (and my others) with anyone you feel would enjoy it.





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