Trusting God with the End of the Story

1920x1080When you read a book, do you go to the last page first?  Some people want to know how it ends before it even begins!  I can’t relate to this—at least, not when it comes to a book.  But with parenting…well, wanting to know the ending is a whole different story.


The reality is that God doesn’t allow us the opportunity to flip to the last page of our children’s story (their lives).  Instead, we’re left in suspense…oftentimes having to embrace moments that are uncertain and at times, a bit scary!


Although we might prefer having the chance to flip to the end, God uses the in between to build our faith.  Because if we knew the ending in advance, we couldn’t say it was faith that got us there.


Think about Abraham and how God asked him to sacrifice his child—a son he waited a good many years for and at times, probably never dreamed would actually happen.  How could the story end with Abraham sacrificing his child’s life?  It took faith to believe that God would intervene and provide a ram instead.


Or how about Jochebed, who hid her baby (Moses) in a basket and floated him down the Nile river?  Did she know how the story would end?  That Pharaoh’s daughter (the very man who ordered the slaughter of Hebrew babies) would find him?  That Jochebed would be called upon to nurse him and that he would eventually help free the people of God?


These are familiar stories to us as believers.  And because we’ve read them, we already know the happy ending.  But Abraham and Jochebed didn’t.  Everything they did was based on an act of faith.  They trusted God to come through.  Can we honestly say the same about our own children?  That although we don’t know the end of the story, we can still entrust their lives to God?


This has been a challenge to me the past couple of years.  Some of the chapters in the lives of my children have been great reads—ones I could relive over and over again. But other chapters have left me stunned, sometimes overwhelmed with fear and grief.  As the pages continue to turn, I’m learning more and more about trust…that although I don’t know the end of the story, I can trust the journey because He is the author of their lives.


© 2014, Stephanie Romero


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