It Can’t Wait

2D274905739019-tdy-130806-teen-mom-talk.blocks_desktop_largeLast week, my blog “It Can Wait” was written to the mom with young children.  This week I want to talk to the mom (or dad) with older children.  It’s kind of the same, simple message but with a twist…it can’t wait.


That feeling you get inside, where something just doesn’t seem right with your teen; the late night conversation she suddenly wants to have; the situation that has become so earthshattering to your preteen–they can’t wait.  Because what seems to be nothing, an inconvenience or not a big deal could result in a lost moment…to recognize a real danger, to demonstrate you care or to mend a hurt.


It’s oftentimes these circumstances we are least aware of lost opportunities.  We don’t know the difference we might have made in that moment.


Words of dismissal, demonstrations of exasperation or lack of patience are common to many parents with preteens and teens.  We’ve been through this before, we’re tired of the battle, we can’t understand why everything has to be so dramatic.  We don’t have the time or energy to spend on the rollercoaster emotions and constant struggles.


We have our own adult issues to contend with.  No time to deal with teen drama.  We are supposed to be enjoying the freedom of not raising little ones.  We don’t have the patience for lengthy conversations or to prod something out of our child.  It’s the perfect opportunity to offer our wisdom but we brush it off.


Their problems can’t wait.  Heart-to-hearts can’t wait.  Opportunities for making an impact, for imparting sound advice, for showing interest–they can’t wait.  They can’t be redeemed, try as you might.


Tyranny of the urgent, our devices, “me time”–those can wait.  But putting away selfishness or the need to be right–that can’t wait.


The preteen and teen years can feel consuming, like they’re going to drag on forever.  We can’t wait to reach the end.  But suddenly one day the house is quiet and we’re needed a whole lot less.  If we haven’t invested in their lives, it could turn lonely.  Don’t let that happen.


Whatever is going on in your child’s life…


It can’t wait.


© 2015, Stephanie Romero


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