Don’t Forget

forget-me-not-e1358888225689When all you see is the frustration on my face, don’t forget the million other times you made me smile.


When all you hear is my exasperated tone of voice, don’t forget the soothing words I offered when you were hurting.


When it seems like I’m so unfair, don’t forget how often I’ve given up my time and the last ounce of energy I have left for you.


When I’ve hurt you with my words or actions, don’t forget the guilt I struggle with on a constant basis.


When it seems like I’m disappointed in your choices, don’t forget the pride I feel in being your mom.


When you’ve reduced me to tears, don’t forget the laughter you’ve brought to my life.


When I seem too busy for you, don’t forget snuggling together in bed or how I’d read the same story to you each night.


When you feel like I don’t trust you, don’t forget my greatest fear is you getting hurt.


When I have a hard time letting go, don’t forget when you didn’t want to let go of my hand your first day of school.


I’m not a perfect mom, but don’t forget that my love for you runs deeper than you could ever imagine. When all you see is what I do wrong, don’t forget what I’ve done right.


© 2015, Stephanie Romero


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