His Sufficient Grace to See You Through

bible-verse-2-corinthians-129-my-grace-is-sufficient-for-you-for-my-power-is-make-perfect-in-weakness-2013One of my favorite verses has always been “my grace is sufficient for you.”  But I must admit that at one time I saw it as a way out of difficulties, rather than Christ’s empowerment to see me through circumstances that may never change or would literally bring me to my knees.


You see, this scripture isn’t a promise things will get better.  But it is a promise that He will give us everything we need to get through our trials and troubles.


When I think back over the past 21 years of parenting, I’m amazed at all God has seen me through.  Medical scares, emotional struggles, rebellion, depression, heartbreaks, teen pregnancy…just to name a few.


Some of these were short-term problems, others long-term and some continue to remain issues.  But regardless, God’s grace has been and will be sufficient.  It could be that He supplies the strength to press on, the words to speak or the ability to stay silent.  It may even be that He simply provides the oxygen necessary to just keep breathing.  What’s critical in that moment and in the days, weeks or sometimes months following…He knows full well what I need to get through it.


I run into trouble when I forget two important things.  One is that it’s HIS grace I must rely upon.  Too often I try to manipulate or control circumstances that are out of my hand.  And when I do manage to make a difference, it usually makes things worse.  I have nothing in me that can get through the difficult times of parenting.  But He does.


The second thing is the sufficiency of His grace.  It’s enough.  Whether the healing doesn’t come, the struggle remains, the rebellion continues, the depression gets deeper, the heartbreak seems unfixable, or whatever else…He is more than enough.  Outside sources may help.  But they can never be relied upon.  Nor can parenting methods.  I have no ability in me to parent well.  But He does.


Whatever you may be going through today or whatever you may face tomorrow, know that God’s Word is the anchor of hope.  His grace truly is sufficient to meet all of your needs.


© 2015, Stephanie Romero




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