Stay Away from Earthly Dependencies

 I wish I would have learned earlier in parenting the importance of dependency on God.  Not that I wasn’t living for Him or that I failed to seek Him on a daily basis.  But too often I got caught up in dependencies that were earthly.


Methods of discipline…the argument surrounding stay-at-home versus working mom…educating through homeschool, private school or public school…to vaccinate or not vaccinate—that is the question…what’s best for baby—breastfeeding or bottle feeding…processed foods versus organic…you get the idea.


My “success” as a parent was oftentimes defined by these types of dependencies.  I was wrong to homeschool because my kids would turn out to be social misfits.  I was wrong to send them to public school because the “wolves” would get them.  My breastfed babies had more ear infections than the one that was bottle fed (explain that!).  I felt guilty as a stay-at-home mom because I wasn’t contributing financially to the household and I felt guilty working because I wasn’t available to my kids like I used to be.


Even church became a dependency—that my kids would turn out “right” because we were there every time the doors were open.  Surely this would prevent our family from dealing with some of the same issues that those outside the church did.


Not that any of these things were wrong.  Some may very well have been callings for our family or the right way to raise them.  But they couldn’t do for my children what only God can do.


When we put our trust in how we discipline, where our child goes to school or even the rules implemented in the home…we are sure to be disappointed.  Earthly dependencies aren’t reliable.  But God is reliable!


Some of the good we do can still leave us shaken to the core.  Discipline can fail.  Methods aren’t guaranteed.  Church can’t save our children.  And some of the things we got so caught up in when they were little…well, it won’t make a single difference when they’re older.


If you’re depending on anything other than God when it comes to your children, it’s time to change focus.  Don’t allow earthly dependencies to become greater than the One who not only knows and loves our children, but has a purpose and plan for their lives that we cannot possibly understand.  Heavenly dependency is the best guarantee of successful parenting!


© 2015, Stephanie Romero



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