The End…

 I recently received a reminder from WordPress that my domain name, was about to expire.  I needed to pay up if I wanted to keep it.  Somehow it seemed like confirmation on a decision I’ve been contemplating for the past few months.  And so it’s with mixed feelings I announce that after more than 6 years of writing this blog, it has officially come to an end.


For whatever reason, 2015 has been my year for change in numerous areas of my life.  It seems nothing is off limits.  Since there has been so many variances, it’s become easier each time to just accept it.  Of course, when God gives you peace about it, well, it’s a huge factor in coming to grips with your new reality.


I’m not entirely sure what’s ahead, as far as my writing, but one thing I’ve always wanted to do is turn these blogs into a book.  I trust that God will point me in the right direction, should this be part of his plan for my life.


I cannot leave without first thanking every reader/subscriber.  Whether you’ve been a silent fan, “liked” my posts, commented or sent me private emails…I have greatly appreciated your feedback, support and encouragement.




What do you think?

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