So who is the woman behind this blog?

This section used to be really stale.  The typical biographical description.  You know…my name is and I have accomplished such-and-such…and other such ramblings.  I don’t really consider myself to be stale.  Not that I’m an outwardly vivacious person by any stretch of the imagination.  But if you read my blog enough, you’ll catch a bit of wit and humor here and there.

So with that, my name is Stephanie (here’s where the stale stuff creeps in).  I used to work as an independent contractor for We Do Web Content.  Basically, that means I wrote content for websites.  And yes, believe it or not, I actually got paid to work from home!  But after more than four blissful years of that, found myself back in the outside world.  I’m now working as a secretary for my city’s school district.

I also used to be a professional blogger for Families .   I dabbled in a variety of topics but my favorite was writing about teenagers. While many moms do better in the younger years of raising children, I have found the teen years to be the most enjoyable.  Despite the chaos, challenges and all the other good stuff that accompanies this stage.

In addition to this blog, I can also be found sharing  Real Inspiration to Real Writers.  Writing is my second passion (in case you didn’t figure it out–being a mom is my first).  I have other published works and teaching experience. This includes an online course I wrote that is now used in a correctional institution’s character-based program, creative writing classes with children and teens, writing a quarterly devotional for the Women’s Ministry Department of my church, co-leading an online Bible study, co-teaching a “Moms in Prayer” group and leading a Bible study called “Women of the Word.”

This probably sounds all super spiritual and stuff.  But I’m really a mess in the hands of a Savior who is determined to make something beautiful out of me.  That includes as a wife and mom to my three children (ages 20, 17 and 15).

So hopefully I haven’t scared you off.  I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and would love for you to become a regular subscriber.  Oh, and don’t hesitate to pass this along to someone else!


16 thoughts on “So who is the woman behind this blog?

  1. How is Milwaukee these days? I still know few people up there and they are saying economy is still terrible up there. I hope you and your family are doing well. I sure do miss living in Wisconsin 😦


      • That is good to hear that your family is doing well. I’m in Howard county MD right now. My area is kind of immune from the bad economy experienced by most other cities. Our local enconomy is mostly driven by a governement entity. It does make me sad that most average workers are feeling immense pressure due to poor management by our governement, but its the governement family friends and their neighborhood that is flourishing.

        btw, I’m missing the fresh Wisconsin cheese curds and Sheboygan brat fest 😦


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  3. Hi Stephanie, I am reading this page after I already listed you on my nomination post: Sunny and Versatile! You might be an award-free blog, so I apologize in advance for yet another nomination! You are such an inspiration, I had to list you!


  4. I have really loved reading your blog and words of wisdom. As a young mom of young children your words speak lengths to me! Thanks!!


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